History & Performance


From humble beginnings

Established in 1997 by Trevor Casey, EPH Controls is an import and distribution company supplying various product lines to Plumbing & Heating Merchants, Electrical Merchants & System integrators across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With a background in commercial controls and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Trevor recognised a gap in the market for the distribution of Sauter products and became the sole agent for Sauter in Ireland. Initially this was the sole focus of the business, but it has continued to grow and evolve in many ways since then. At first, Trevor was EPH’s only employee and could only have imagined the huge growth and success of the company, over the last 20 years. To this day, EPH maintains a strong-sense of humility, and a culture of recognising and celebrating success, while continuing to adapt and improvise in an ever-changing market.


EPH enters the residential market

In 2004 EPH entered a new market segment and began distribution of residential heating controls. While maintaining business in the commercial control sector, EPH pursued this new and developing market. This was a pivotal moment in EPH history, and one that has shaped the company’s success ever since.

Through continuous development and improvement, EPH are proud to be the market leaders in residential heating controls in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


EPH Own Brand

In 2008 EPH began to design and manufacture our very own brand of heating controls. A new chapter in EPH history and the result of years of dedication, investment in technology, and market research. EPH own brand products become visible in homes across the country. Their customer focused design and ease of use, makes them the natural choice for installers and home owners alike.

The EPH brand has continued to grow from strength to strength. This is no small measure due the continual strive for excellence and innovation and a dedication to genuine helpful customer service, that is at the core of all EPH has to offer.


The Age of Detach

In 2010 we introduced the detach range of motorised valves. This was an extremely important development for both EPH controls and the heating & plumbing industry. For the first time, a motorised valve head could be changed without draining down the system. This meant less disruption for the homeowner and a huge reduction for the installer, in terms of labour intensity and time. A job that would have taken hours before, could now be completed in a matter of minutes.

To ensure peace of mind for everyone EPH offers a 5-year warranty on all residential controls, a testament to our belief in the quality of our products.

EPH is very proud of the features, build quality and reliability of the range.


EPH UK Expansion

EPH Controls expands geographically with the founding of EPH Controls UK in 2012.

EPH is now an international brand. Our sales representatives travel the length and breadth of the country securing new business and responding to customer queries, with the support of our admin team. We endeavour to replicate our excellent customer service for our UK based customers, and the importance of producing products with universal fittings such as the R series timeclock, becomes a new focus for our design team.

EPH branded controls are now available through all reputable wholesalers in the United Kingdom.


New home for EPH

EPH’s new 25000 sq ft facility in Cork, Ireland.

With success comes change. In a huge move for the company, In June 2015, EPH moved to a new home with space for continued growth and rapid expansion.

The 25,000 sq ft office and warehouse facility in Cork, is situated on a 1.2 acre site.

It is a suitable home for Ireland’s largest range of heating controls, and the ever growing EPH team.


EPH gets smart

We at EPH recognise the universal shift towards smart controls. In 2016 we introduced our Ember heating control app. We took time to ensure our app was right before bringing it to the market. EPH wanted to provide a smart heating control app that would be accessible to everyone in terms of functionality, and without the ongoing costs of monthly subscriptions favoured by competitors.

After thousands of hours in research, design and development, EMBER was finally launched and has taken the market by storm.

It is the latest in high performing, intelligent energy-management systems, while still embodying the EPH preference for producing products which are both highly efficient and user friendly. With it’s simple interface, the app can be used by anyone, anywhere, and unlike other apps on the market, Ember allows the user to control multiple homes at the same time.

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