Upgrading your CombiPack4 to a smart thermostat

Locating the Date of Manufacture on CombiPack4

Minimum date of manufacture A2005C

With the addition of the GW03 WiFi gateway, it is possible to upgrade your CombiPack4 to a smart thermostat controlled by the EMBER App.

EPH products contain 4 numbers that identify the date of manufacturer. The first 2 numbers represent the year of manufacture. Example 20 = 2020. The second 2 numbers represent the week of manufacture. Example 05 = week 5.

All CombiPack4 thermostats with date of manufacture of A2005C or greater can be upgraded.

For example, A2010C is upgradeable whilst A1952 is not possible to upgrade.

The date of manufacture is located on the bottom of the housing of the thermostat on the right-hand side.


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