EMBER App New Features

Major Release

Complete new user interface and experience

Complete new user interface and experience.


With improved and intuitive navigation, you will have easier access to

your homes, zones, boost function, mode change, schedule screen, home and account setting menu and much more.


2 systems in one App!


It is now possible to control 2 types of heating systems with EMBER.


EMBER PS – Programmer based system.

This system comprises of our WiFi ready programmers, thermostats and GW01 gateway.


EMBER TS – Programmable Thermostat based system.

This system comprises of our new WiFi ready CombiPack4-OT thermostat and GW03 gateway.


New Features


Quick Boost

It is now possible to set the Quick Boost temperature for heating zones.


Advance Function (Programmer System only)

Advance function can now be activated from the Zone Control screen.


Frost Protection

Frost protection can be enabled via burger menu.


Improved Setup process

For enhanced security and convenience, this version allows the installer to set up a customer home with their own credentials. When the homeowner logs in, the installer will be removed from the home and the home owner will be assigned Super Admin status.


Upgraded User Management

The user management function has been improved with an extra security layer and more detailed user information.


Schedule Overview

A complete overview of your programming schedule is now available on the Schedule screen


Enhanced Location Search

Postcode and Eircode can now be used during home setup to more quickly and accurately locate your home.


Location Permission for IOS 13 / Android 9

It is recommended to allow location permission on devices running IOS 13 / Android 9 or above. This will allow EMBER to automatically populate the WiFi (SSID) information during Setup. Without giving this permission, you will have to enter your WiFi (SSID) details manually.


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