New CombiPack4 – Available now!

Simple and user friendly

Following the success of EPH CombiPacks 1, 2 and 3, we have added to our range with the new CombiPack4. The new contemporary design features some changes, all of which simplify the installation and make it even easier for the homeowner to take control of their heating.

So, what’s different?

The CombiPack4 features a large LCD and ergonomically shaped buttons for easy use in the dark or particularly useful for those with impaired vision. The thermostat is programmable, with flexible options including 7 day, weekdays/weekend, or 24 hours. You can also choose to boost for 1 hour and a holiday mode is available for when you are away.

A comfortable and visually friendly interior is important to every home. Our designers have created this new sleek pure white casing, to be versatile and suit all interiors.

Good news for the installer too. The thermostat and receiver are pre-paired. As soon as the receiver is wired to your boiler, it’s ready to go.

All in all, the new CombiPack4 offers style, efficiency, easy installation, and most importantly it should contribute to a reduction in your heating bills.

As is standard with the vast majority of EPH controls products, the CombiPack4 comes with a 5year warranty.

Grab yours today at a reputable heating and plumbing shop near you.

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