Actuator – Rotary 3 Port Brass Mixing Valves

ARA actuators for use with VRG valves from DN15-50. 24Vac, 230Vac & 24 0-10V actuators are available. There are also versions available with auxiliary switches for swithcing secondary equipment.

Technical Data

Product code Power Supply run time Actuator Type
ARA651 230V~ 60s 3-point SPDT
ARA652 230V~ 60s 3-point SPDT & AUX*
ARA653 24V~ 60s 3-point SPDT
ARA654 24V~ 60s 3-point SPDT & AUX*
ARA655 230V~ 60s 3-point SPDT
ARA659 24V=/~ ** 45s / 120s Modulating
Torque 6Nm
IP Rating IP41
Ambient Temperature -5 ... 55˚C

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