Gas Valve – Normally open

The valve is normally located after a filter, upstream of the regulation apparatus and preferably outside the measurement zone. It has been installed with the arrow stamped on the body turned towards the user appliance. To reset the solenoid valve pull the reset knob. This range of manual reset solenoid valves have been designed to be combined with any gas detection system. They will shut off the gas supply when an emergency situation is detected.

Technical Data

product code Valve Size connection Flow Rate
36700450 DN15 1/2” BSP 6 Kvs
36700452 DN20 3/4” BSP 6 Kvs
36720454 DN25 1” BSP 13 Kvs
36730583 DN32 1 1/4” BSP 40 Kvs
36740584 DN40 1 1/2” BSP 50 Kvs
36750585 DN50 2” BSP 80 Kvs
36760699 DN65 2 1/2” Flanged 150 Kvs
36770701 DN80 3” Flanged 155 Kvs
36770703 DN100 4” Flanged 160 Kvs
Max. Pressure 550 mbar
Ip Rating IP65
Ambient Temperature -20 ...60˚C
Supply Voltage 230Vac

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