Universal Thermostats

Universal commercial thermostat range that regulates and monitors the temperature of liquids in baths, containers, pipes and ducts. Variants as temperature monitors (TW), safety temperature monitors (STW), temperature limiters (TB) or safety temperature limiters (STB)

Technical Data

Product code Range Capillary Length Switching Difference
TUC101F003 -10…50°C 1600mm 4°C
TUC105F001 15…95°C 700mm 4°C
TUC106F001 40…120°C 1600mm 4°C
TUC303F001 20…60°C 800mm 10°C
TUC107F001 50…130°C 800mm 10°C
Accessories Code 364432001 364434001 380696001
Description Bracket for wall / ducting mounting Support coil for sensor Pipe clamp, suitable for pipework from 1/2"- 3"

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