Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Technical Data

Product Code Stroke Use with Valves PN6/16 Use with Valves PN16 / 25
AVP142F001 14mm V6R / B6R -
AVP242F001 8mm VQD/BQD DN15-50 VQE/BQE DN15-50
AVP242F021 14/20/25mm VQD/BQD DN65-80nVQE/BQE DN65-80 VUG/BUG DN15-50
AVP243F021 20mm VQD/BQD DN65-80 VUG/BUG DN15-50
AVP243F031 20/30/40mm VQD/BQD DN65-80 VUG/BUG DN65-150
AVP244F021 20mm VQD/BQD DN65-80 VUG/BUG DN15-50
AVP244F031 30/40mm VQD/BQD DN100 VUG/BUG DN65-150
Ambient Temperature -15 ... 50˚C
Control Pressure 0...1.2 Bar
Max Pressure 1.5 Bar

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